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Grant #166590 to Youth Climate Fund

EasyZambia- Environmental Literacy Programme

Grant #166590

Submitted by Chiteu Kasongo

Oct 14, 2023

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Environmental Literacy Programme- Youth Climate Justice Campaign in Livingstone, Zambia.


-Raise Awareness: Increase awareness among local youth about climate change and environmental degradation.
-Advocacy for Climate Justice: Advocate for climate justice by emphasizing the impact of environmental degradation on vulnerable communities.
-Community Engagement: Mobilize youth in collective efforts towards addressing climate change and promoting sustainable practices.


-Climate Education: Inclusion of comprehensive climate education in local school curricula.
-Policy Advocacy: Call for local policies supporting sustainable practices and environmental protection.
-Waste Reduction Measures: Implement and promote measures to reduce plastic pollution and encourage biodegradable alternatives.


-School Visits: Engage with local schools through informative sessions on climate change and its impacts.
-Advocacy Marches: Organize climate advocacy campaign marches to amplify the call for climate justice.
-Tree Planting: Undertake tree planting initiatives to contribute to local reforestation efforts.
-Donation Drive: Provide biodegradable stationery products and sanitary pads to promote eco-friendly alternatives and reduce plastic pollution.


Livingstone, Zambia: Focus on local schools, communities, and public spaces in Livingstone for direct community engagement.

Timeline for Key Actions

Week 1-2: Project Launch and School Visits

-Conduct introductory sessions in local schools.
-Initiate discussions on climate change and its local implications.

Week 3-4: Advocacy Marches and Community Engagement

-Organize climate advocacy campaign marches for youth participation.
-Engage with community members through workshops and awareness campaigns.

Week 5-6: Tree Planting and Donation Drive

Undertake tree planting initiatives in collaboration with local communities.
Launch a donation drive for distributing biodegradable stationery products and sanitary pads.

Week 7-8: Evaluation and Policy Advocacy

-Evaluate the impact of the campaign on awareness and community engagement.
-Initiate policy advocacy for sustainable practices and environmental education in local schools.
Week 9-10: Follow-up and Sustainability Plans

-Conduct follow-up sessions in schools and communities.
-Develop sustainability plans for continued youth engagement in climate action.  
What will be the major events or highlights of your project?

Project Launch and School Visits (Week 1-2):

Event: Introduction sessions in local schools.
-Kick-off with engaging presentations on climate change and local implications.
-Initiate dialogues with students and educators on the importance of environmental literacy.

Advocacy Marches and Community Engagement (Week 3-4):

Event: Climate advocacy campaign marches and community workshops.
-Vibrant marches through Livingstone to amplify the call for climate justice.
-Interactive workshops engaging community members, fostering awareness, and garnering support.
Tree Planting and Donation Drive (Week 5-6)

Event: Tree planting initiatives and launch of the donation drive.
Hands-on tree planting activities with local communities for reforestation.
Launch of the donation drive, emphasizing biodegradable products to combat plastic pollution.

Evaluation and Policy Advocacy (Week 7-8)

Event: Impact assessment and initiation of policy advocacy.
-Assessment of the campaign's impact on awareness and community engagement.
-Commence policy advocacy for sustainable practices and inclusion of climate education in local school curricula.

Follow-up and Sustainability Plans (Week 9-10)

Event: Follow-up sessions and sustainability planning.
-Follow-up sessions in schools and communities to reinforce the importance of continued climate action.
-Development of sustainability plans, ensuring the longevity of youth engagement in climate initiatives. 
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