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Grant #90970 to Youth Climate Fund

Waste Management Project - Elgeiyo Marakwet County

Grant #90970

Submitted by ESAU KANDIE on August 18, 2022

Request Details
I am looking for a small grant to conduct a waste management pilot project to process waste generated from Iten town municipal market place. The idea is to use the black soldier fly larvae to consume the waste thereby creating a protein source which will be an alternative to fingerlings (omena) which are sourced from Lake Victoria. 

The frass/residue from the feeding process will then be composted to produce organic fertilizer.

Each day, the market produces about 20T of organic waste which is dumped randomly within the town leading to air pollution and visual eyesore. My project will aid in upcycling the waste and create a revenue stream of about KES 90,000 per month. This can be equated to about 6 full time roles.

The £930 will be used for setting up a small facility and starting up minor operations with a staff size of 2 persons. This will aid to keep operations going for a month before selling the first products and ploughing the revenue back into the project to keep it moving.

£930.00 GBP

Total amount £930.00

payout method

Bank account


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£4,970.39 GBP

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The Social Change Nest CIC


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