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Announcing the v0.15 release of Yew!
Published on May 1, 2020 by Justin Starry

Hey everyone, this week we released Yew v0.15!

In this release, the most noteworthy updates are as follows:

  • Keys! - Yew now allows devs to assign keys to nodes in a list to speed up rendering. Thanks @mrh0057!
  • `web-sys` vs `stdweb` - We made it easier to choose by setting the default to `web-sys` and adding a new alias crate for `stdweb` users called `yew-stdweb`. Docs here:
  • Rendered lifecycle method - We replaced the "mounted" component lifecycle method with "rendered" so that your app can react every time Yew re-renders your component to the DOM
  • Monorepo - We have moved the `yewtil` and `yew-router` projects into the main Yew repo for easier maintainability

Check out the full Release Notes

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