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π™€π™’π™—π™§π™–π™˜π™žπ™£π™œ π™©π™π™š 𝙁π™ͺ𝙩π™ͺπ™§π™š: π™”π™žπ™ž π™π™§π™–π™’π™šπ™¬π™€π™§π™  𝙐π™₯π™™π™–π™©π™šπ™¨ 𝙖𝙣𝙙 π™”π™žπ™ž 2.2 π˜Ώπ™žπ™¨π™˜π™ͺπ™¨π™¨π™žπ™€π™£π™¨ πŸš€
Published on July 18, 2023 by Wilmer Arambula

Β Introduction:

πŸ”Ή Yii Framework Enthusiasts! Β πŸ”Ή Exciting times lie ahead as we navigate the evolving landscape of web development. Let's talk about Yii's progress, the much-anticipated Yii3, and the promising discussions surrounding Yii 2.2.

πŸ”Έ Yii3: Embracing Evolution πŸ”Έ The journey to Yii3 has been challenging but rewarding. Although it's taking some time to be fully released, rest assured that Yii3 is shaping up to be a significant improvement over its predecessors. The concepts and ideas behind Yii3 are more fundamentally robust, introducing fresh approaches to web development.

πŸ”Έ Yii2 and Yii3: Bridging the Gap πŸ”Έ We fondly remember the Yii2 days when it brought substantial changes while maintaining some similarities with its predecessor, Yii 1.1. However, Yii3 innovative nature has created concerns about its adoption among Yii2 users.

πŸ”Έ The Yii 2.2 Initiative πŸ”Έ To address these concerns and create a smoother transition to Yii3, the community is actively discussing Yii 2.2. The proposal outlines a rough plan, which we believe will make the upgrade process more seamless and efficient.

1. Quality Assurance: We are committed to refreshing Yii 2.0 pipelines and builds to ensure robust testing, providing a stable foundation for future advancements.
2. PHP 8.1 Compatibility: Yii2 has been a reliable framework, and we are excited to enhance its capabilities by embracing PHP 8.1 while carefully removing any deprecated elements.
3. Reusing Yii3 Packages: One of the most exciting aspects of Yii 2.2 is the integration of Yii3 packages. This strategic move will significantly improve Yii3 adoption, allowing us to consolidate and streamline our codebases, leading to more efficient maintenance.

πŸ”Έ Get Involved! πŸ”Έ The Yii community's strength lies in the active participation of developers like you! Join the discussions on GitHub (link below) and share your thoughts, suggestions, and expertise. Together, we can shape Yii 2.2 to be the bridge that connects our Yii2 legacy to the bright future of Yii3.

πŸ”— GitHub Discussions: Yii 2.2

Conclusion: As we look ahead, Yii Framework continues to evolve, driven by the passion and dedication of its vibrant community. Yii3 fundamental improvements offer immense potential for the future of web development. With Yii 2.2 bridging the gap, we eagerly anticipate a seamless transition and invite all Yii enthusiasts to be a part of this exciting journey.

Let's shape the future of Yii together!
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