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Bootstrap 4, Debug, Yii 2 and Yii 3 progress
Published on July 24, 2019 by Alexander Makarov

Another Tuesday passed. This time there are two extension releases.

Bootstrap 4 got docs about migrating from Bootstrap (3) extension and a little bit of syntactic sugar that is present in Bootstrap (3) but was lost during initial implementation.

Losing features during initial (re-)implementation and getting them back later is typical and we expect that to happen with Yii 3 as well.

Debug extension release got a number of nice enhancements on board:

  • Total request processing time and peak memory consumption were added on index page for each request
  • Improved error when no debug data present
  • Browser compatibility was improved so toolbar now works with IE and older browsers
  • Closures are now serialized with the help of opis/closure eliminating related issues
  • Module got tracePathMappings option that allows you to fine tune stacktrace links to work for Docker image with file system mapped to host machine

No Yii 2 release was tagged this time. Travis builds were messed up and too much time was spent fixing that at least partially. Anyway, Yii 2 got quite a number fixes that will make it to the next week release. It is a good idea to try it with your project and report issues if any.

Yii 3 less progress this week but there are some things to highlight:

There are two interesting discussions to check: