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Extension releases and Yii 3
Published on November 5, 2019 by Alexander Makarov

Hello everyone! It is Alexander again.

// if you want to write next set of notes, let me know

Today three Yii 2 extensions got new releases:

  • Debug 2.1.11 adding more garbage collection, fixing issues and adding buttons for navigating between requests
  • Auth client 2.2.5 replacing deprecated dependency spomky-labs/jose with JWT Framework
  • Redis 2.0.11 adding Redis cluster.

With my informal announcement of the intent to get Yii 3 alpha release by the end of the year many community contributors became very active so likely the summary below misses a few interesting things that happened since last time.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Bulgaria PHP to speak about code packaging principles. While the talk is not about Yii 3, it is more or less what shaped packages set we have now.

There are no conferences scheduled after that so my plan is to focus on Yii 3 even more.

But, enough about my plans, let's get to progress so far.

Also, some docs were added:

Thank you for your support!