Yii 2.0.21, issue cleanup, Yii 3 progress

Published on June 18, 2019 by Alexander Makarov

This release Tuesday brought us 2.0.21. Besides bugfixes this release, thanks to Brandon Kelly from Craft, enhances performance of database connection. Also there is now an option to turn on sameSite for both session and regular cookies. More details are in the full announcement.

Some time was spent to clean up and review existing issues. A hundred issues were closed since having these implemented in 2.0 is not possible anymore due to feature freeze.

Yii 3 is progressing slowly. yii-dev is now fully usable (using it myself). There's a skeleton of error handling ready, console application got some attention (but still errors), meta-info was added for PhpStorm so it now figures out DI get() without any extra type-hints.