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Yii 2.0.24, Debug 2.1.7 and Yii 3 progress
Published on July 30, 2019 by Alexander Makarov

The week was relatively quiet for the framework development since half of it I was on the road to give a speech on web applications security in Ivanovo, Russia. Despite the fact that these events take time, they also give valuable feedback and insights that are then applied to Yii.

This Tuesday Yii 2 releases are:

  • Yii 2.0.24 with 8 bugfixes
  • Debug 2.1.7 with regression fix, security fixes and an enhancement allowing you to spot performance problems easier

Yii 3 development was mainly about thinking rather than coding last week. The only public thing done is extracting and polishing yiisoft/json.

There is one more Yii-related project that will be launched.

Some time ago, long time contributor of Yii 2 and founder of 2amigos, Antonio Ramirez, offered his help in setting up merchandize shop for Yii. It still requires fine tuning but, when done, it will appear at All the sales will go directly into OpenCollective. Actual printing is executed by printful who were one of the first adopters of Yii 2 and launched their production using one of the alpha versions.