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Yii news 2020, issue 6
Published on September 17, 2020 by Alexander Makarov

Yii news 2020, issue 6

Hello, everyone!

Almost three months passed since the last Yii news issue. We were almost silent and working hard. These days with Yii 3 team expansion I am managing, reviewing, designing, and guiding more, writing code less. That works pretty well, I can say. Overall development tempo increased, and we're getting closer to our next goals.

An official forum is way less active compared to how it was in Yii 1 and Yii 2 times. People moved to various social networks and chats. I think that is an unfortunate move because in all these media it's nearly impossible to search for previous answers. People are asking the same things over and over again and the answer does not end up in search results. I think that whoever first will note all these questions and answers and post these as wikis will get lots of recognition.

Anyway, let's move to what happened since the last issue.

ūüĒ∑ Yii 1

Onetwist Software contacted me asking for PHP 8 in Yii 1.1 in exchange for donations to the foundation (that is mostly spent on Yii 3). As a result, 1.1 master branch got initial PHP 8 support. We wait for issues to be found before tagging a release but none were found so far.

Not only code got patched:

  • Pipelines were moved to GitHub actions from TravisCI.
  • Tests are now executed with PHP 5.3 - PHP 8.0. Had to patch the legacy PHPUnit version, but it worked in the end. Going to partially reuse that for Yii 2.

From other Yii 1.1 news, Marco van 't Wout, a long time Yii user, volunteered to take care of incoming issues and likely doing Yii 1.1 un-official support and releases for a bit longer than we have planned initially. Will see how it goes.

ūüĒ∑ Yii 2

We are gradually switching Yii 2, app templates, and extension builds to GitHub actions. That would allow us to work safely on future releases.

ūüĒ∂ Yii 3

2020 is not easy, and many things did not go according to plan moving release dates that I carelessly mentioned a few times. Still, public API is stabilizing, and many contributions now are about bug-fixes and adjustments rather than re-design. There are, of course, some parts that are to be adjusted or re-thought, including configuration. I am still not entirely happy about it.

We've released some stable packages. These are all framework-independent ones and could be used in any PHP application:

More packages are on the way.

Below are interesting changes and additions.

Tests and cleanup

  • We've added PHP 8 to all package version constraints and test pipelines. Most of the packages are now compatible but not all of them.
  • After some time with¬†phan¬†we are switching to¬†Psalm. It is more popular, has more features, and is¬†supported in PhpStorm.
  • We have added more tests to many packages, and many tests got improvements based on Infection mutation testing results. Many fixes were made along with overall cleanup.
  • The test support package¬†was added for Yii 3 team convenience when covering packages with tests. Potentially it can be handy for application tests as well.


Demo and application template

  • The demo project¬†was expanded and refactored to reflect the current state of things more. It is still not using some good practices from¬†yiisoft/app¬†and vice versa. These will be synced soon.
  • For the yiisoft/app we are trying¬†httpsoft/http-message¬†instead of¬†nyholm/psr7¬†as default PSR-7 and PSR-17 implementation. The reason is that¬†it is more performant.
  • Composer config plugin got some adjustments and, as a result, it became obvious it needs its internals redesigned and re-implemented.¬†The redesign is done. Implementation is in progress.

There is a Trello board reflecting tasks we're working on including ones not reflected in GitHub issues. For example, error page redesign.

If you want to join the fun, feel free to contact me via email, official forum, Slack, or any other channel.


The team expanded again. The current status is reflected at the website:

Also, we've added Dmitry Derepko to the page, but actually, he worked on Yii 3 for quite some time already. He was just missing from the page :)

ūüďô New and adjusted internal guidelines:

ūüďô New and adjusted guide pages:

Other news

  • YiiPowered¬†got 597 projects. If you haven't added yours, please do it. You can even skip the screenshot part. It will be grabbed from a real website overnight.

ūüďö Reading recommendations

‚̧ԳŹ Thank you!

I'd like to thank all backers and contributors making Yii 3 possible. We are moving it forward together.

ūüĎć Special thanks for Yii 3 code contributions goes to:

Also, thanks to Ihor Sychevskyi for contributing to