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Yii news 2022, issue 1
Published on May 2, 2022 by Alexander Makarov

Hello everyone!

We thought 2021 was a hard year because of COVID. Well, it was but 2022 surprised us badly.

It started with a prominent community member and a great person Julia "Insolita" passing away and continued with Russia launching full-scale war operation in Ukraine.

As a result:

  1. Ukrainians from the team and community are obviously, have way more important things to do. Still, they are contributing bits here and there and that's more than awesome!
  2. Alexander Makarov, @samdark, is temporary working on Yii less trying to fix mental issues caused by the whole situation. Majority of things he did were delegated to other team members.
  3. Foundation cannot be used by Russian part of the team anymore and cannot receive funds from Russia. Still, the foundation supports members from other countries, so we need your support as never before.
  4. Access credentials and information are now shared among multiple team members. Responsibilities are also shared so the project itself became closer to being anti-fragile i.e., it goes forward even in times like now when significant number of team members cannot participate.
There is good news as well:

  1. @yiiliveext is online again. He's alive and safe. He doesn't plan to work on OpenSource for now.
  2. Alexey Rogachev finished his work on ApiDoc fixing many issues and implementing new features and joined Yii 3 development. He's from Kazakhstan and, thus, uses foundation directly via OpenCollective.
  3. Good progress was made on Yii database-related packages by Wilmer Arambula and Valerii Gorbachev.
Despite everything, framework development isn't stopped. We see OpenSource as something better, something that still can unite us, something that we all still have in common and something we believe in. Of course, not everyone from the team is able to contribute right now so development pace isn't as it was before but we're both moving forward with Yii3 and supporting Yii2 and Yii1.

Now, let's review interesting things since previous news issue.

🔷 Yii 1

Marco van 't Wout, who takes care of Yii 1, prepared a pull request with PHP 8.1 support for the first generation of Yii. He also updated out PHPUnit 4 patches that allow it to run on PHP 5.3 — PHP 8.1. If you're interested and have some time, please test it with your project and PHP 8.1.

🔷 Yii 2

🔶 Yii 3

ğŸŽ New package releases:

ğŸŽ Package updates:

📚 News, reading/watching recommendations

❤️ Thank you!

I would like to thank all backers and contributors for making Yii 3 possible. We are moving it forward together!

  • CraftCMS - Great OpenSource Yii2-powered CMS.
  • Onetwist Software - High-quality software development.
  • SkillShare - Online learning community.
  • dmstr - Docker-based cloud solutions.
  • HumHub - OpenSource team communication solution.
  • JetBrains - Awesome developer tools.
  • Mighty - digital design and web technology company.
  • Emberware - Digital transformation services.
  • Dudesqare - Web studio.
  • EFKO Group - Foodtech, food production, and a venture foundation.
  • PELock - Software protection and software license key system.
  • Italian Linux Society - The Italian association promoting Linux and Free and Open Source Software.
There are more individuals and companies to be checked on the OpenCollective page.

👍 Special thanks for Yii 3 code contributions goes to:

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