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Yii news 2023, issue 1.
Published on February 11, 2023 by Wilmer Arambula

Hello everyone! It is Alexander Makarov and the first issue of Yii news this year.

Everything goes up and down in the world as well as in team member's lives but what remains the same is our devotion to Yii. We love the framework and community behind it and we continue the project despite everything.

And now, I give the word to Wilmer Arambula who joined the news initiative so it's getting more interesting and diverse.

First of all, we want to thank all our Open Collective contributors for the support of the increase of $1 to $5 in the minimum contribution. This effort allows us to spend more time  on Yii1 and Yii2, as well as on upcoming Yii3.

After the holidays in December, and January, we continued with the development and maintenance of YiiFramework. During this free time, the team focused heavily on completing the Validator, Db, Debug and other improvements and corrections in all our packages. 


6 pull request were made, solving the following problems:
  • Fix PHP 8.1 deprecation errors #4503. wtommyw
  • Set Last-Modified after sending cache control headers #4502. wtommyw
  • PHP 8.2 compatibility #4508. wtommyw
  • Fix PHP 8.1 deprecation warning in CWebUser #4509. marcovtwout
  • Add PostgreSQL 15 compatibility #4511. marcovtwout
  • Fix PHP 8.1 deprecation warning in COciSchema #4510. marcovtwout


6  pull request were made, solving the following problems:
  • Fix sorting link for multisort with default order #19733. bizley
  • NumberValidator use validateValue method not use message property #19735. bizley
  • PHP 8.1 trim(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated #19734. uaoleg
  • Add option to use closure for PageCache $variations #19741. nadar
  • Remove array syntax #19745. nadar
  • Feature/dependency fixes for php 8.2 #19746. schmunk42 


The development continues in an accelerated and continuous way. We focus on  yiisoft/validator, which will provide a convenient way to perform validations of all kinds. Taking extraordinary documentation into account, we hope to be released in the month of February, 14 pull requests were made..
  • Add DataWrapperInteface #464.
  • Remove skipOnError from StopOnError and simplify it code #497.
  • Add messages in Uzbek #511. mrmuminov
  • Added messages in Polish #514. tomaszkane
  • Fix Number::integerOnly option name #529.
  • Adjust naming for countable limits #538.
  • Number rule improvements #534.
  • Group similar messages, categorize translations #539.
  • Fix unit tests for newer version of PHPUnit #543.
yiisoft/db is another important package for the team. 53 pull requests were made in which we highlight:
  • Raise of code coverage to 100%, covering edge cases.
  • Updated, and fixes in phpdoc.
  • Removed dependencies QueryCache::class, and Profiler::class.
  • Refactoring, and creation of more tests.
  • Migrate all solutions and improvements from Yii2 to Yii3, during the last 2 years.
  • Improve the ci tests.
  • Revision and solution of all issues, of all db packages.
  • Add support to MariaDb, with support for json and boolean columns correctly, for MariaDb and Mysql.

We also expect released yiisoft/db, yiisoft/db-mssql, yiisoft/db-mysql, yiisoft/db-oracle, yiisoft/db-pgsql and yiisoft/db-sqlite this February.

We also made improvements and bug fixes, resulting in 11 new releases:

🎁 New package releases:
🎁 Package updates:
📚 News, reading/watching recommendations:

❤️ Thank you!

I would like to thank all backers and contributors for making Yii 3 possible. We are moving it forward together!
There are more individuals and companies to be checked on the OpenCollective page.

👍 Special thanks for Yii 3 code contributions goes to:

🎉  2


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