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Released 1.36.4 The Memory Remains
Published on September 22, 2021 by Isaac Connor

Changes since 1.36.3

  • Fix revision of CRUD in submodule
  • Fix problems in Fix log deletion only ever deleting 100 entries when it should delete more in a loop. Add deleting more than 100 sessions. Fix loop not terminating on Ctrl-C
  • Add samesite when setting cookie for skin and css
  • Default to UTC when no timezone set so that montagereview continues working. Fixes
  • Fix bug in onvifprobe when specifying interface
  • Remove 25x and 50x rate options in event view. Browsers do not support them. Add 16x which is the max. Fixes
  • fix crash when in alert state with no event
  • fix some queue clearing cases that cause hangs
  • improve efficiency of getting packets from queue in decode thread.
  • fix timestamping not being done on all recorded frames
  • Fix renaming events