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Released 1.36.6 The Memory Remains
Published on September 22, 2021 by Isaac Connor

Changes since 1.36.5

  • Fix Archive FTP .zip filename not including monitor name. Fixes
  • Correct the size of the Longitude and Latitude fields. Fixes
  • Optimise API by optionally not loading the Frames from db table
  • Handle the case when the monitor doesn't exist more gracefully and not crash. Fixes
  • Fix for export zip crashing due to including non existent files. Fixes
  • fix build for bionic due to missing libjwt-gnutls-dev
  • fix linked monitors not working after a random period of time
  • fix unimplemented viewing fps in live view.
  • fix fps display in live view when paused
  • Update Dark skin to look better
  • fix styling of shutdown button making it invisible
  • Support specifying the export filename by passing the export_root
  • Turn on export functionality for snapshots
  • fix save button on monitorprobe
  • zmu may still output results even if it encounters errors, so continue even if we have an error return status from zmu.
  • Allow specifying export Structure to get a flat zip
  • Fix deleting snapshots
  • When locking, use the results to reload the object fields fresh as they may have changed since the object was loaded. Fixes Archived events losing their endtime.
  • add export and download functions in snapshot.
  • Add defaults for AutoMoveTo and AutoCopyTo so that we don't get false changes when saving filters. Fix redirect after save. Re-null the Id of the filter object after temp execute so that we don't reference a no longer existing filter.
  • Change monitor->canView semantics so that a specified monitorId trumps the Monitors:None setting. This is so that the console can be hidden, but the group dropdown still gets populated.
  • When the selected layout is not freeform, calculate the ratio of computed size to stream source size to calculate a value for scale. Should reduce cpu use and bandwidth from zms
  • Fixed  'Call to undefined function Error()' in control_functions.php
  • Only show thumbnail if Function is != None
  • add autoplay tag. Fixes
  • Don't use AUTH_HASH_IPS when talking to zmu as it doesn't support that at this time.
  • Fix PTZ Diagonal cmds. Fixes
  • add getMonitorStatuses function to return string values for status numbers
  • Fix building SQL for ExistsInFileSystem PostCondition. 
  • Fix how we turn the rows into Event objects. 
  • Fix value handling in ExistsInFileSystem post condition.
  • Add a 5 second timeout when setting suspending/resuming motion detection.Log errors appropriately
  • If we fail to suspend/resume, assume we need to disconnect/reconnect to the mmap
  • Fix usage summary in zmu, as there must be a space between -u and dbuser, etc
  • documentation and readme updates, fixing dead links
  • support for building with gitlab CI
  • add support for ubuntu impish
  • fixes in quoting default values in perl Monitor and Zone objects.
  • Return early if packetqueue is empty instead of getting the lock. Return early in clear() if we are not initialised
  • Make failure to resolve http remote monitors non fatal
  • Fix errors due to not stopping the dbQueue in zmu. Fix crash when querying v4l devices
  • LocalCamera: Add a missing include to fix FreeBSD build Fixes
  • fix errors reported during adding monitors due to missing Importance member in Monitor object
  • Only suspend/resume motion detection if the monitor is doing motion detection