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call for donation, volunteering and a benefit event at Zonneklopper on the 27th of Octobre
Published on October 3, 2023 by Michele Giovannini

Hello our dear contributor,

Thank you very much for your donation!
Since the ZK House is entirely self-funded, it makes a real difference to us when you help us continue providing basic food for our residents.

The ZK House is composed by a small group of volunteers and a network of partners (MSF, SISA, SOS Jeune, No Javel, Diogenes, COVER) which provide the strict minimum in terms of housing, medical care, legal support and a sense of community.
We manage to get a fair amount of things for free by recycling with food recovery but for some goods and needs we have no other way than buying.

The European and Belgian anti-migration laws continue to be a threat to thousands of person’s physical and mental health and the past weeks arrivals were already increasing, challenging us in terms of space, food and facilities. So we need to organize together.

We are therefore asking again for a financial support. Any amount you can spare could make a change for us and a regular support, even small, would allow us to plan better our budget and therefore our activities. You can make a donation via this site or via this bank account:

BE88 9734 0833 1941
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If you want to come to the ZK House, meet us, and volunteer, contact us!
We are always eager to welcome new people and more energy into the team!
We gather every Tuesday for house meetings, activities, or individual support. You are warmly welcome to join.

We also inform you that on the 27th of October, we are organising a benefit event within the frame of Coucou Puissant at Zonneklopper. From the afternoon talks, exchanges of experiences and tools, and food, to concerts, DJ sets, and much more to come. You are also more than welcome to come and help us with the organisation of it. Soon further news to come.

[email protected] (ZK house in the mail object)
Michele +32 488159204
Flore +32 466206009

Thank you very much again
The ZK House Team