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Emergency Fund is transitioning to a new Fiscal Host

Emergency Fund cannot receive contributions at the moment. This page will be updated with more information once the collective transitions to a new Fiscal Host.

Emergency Fund


The Emergency Fund prevents small misfortunes from spiraling into catastrophes for Utah's foster care alumni community.


The 1999 Collective's emergency fund can prevent small misfortunes from spiraling into catastrophes for Utah's foster care alumni community. 

A private donor has generously committed to matching up to $17,500 in donations to create a basic needs fund totaling $35,000. Please join us in raising funds to keep foster care alumni housed, warm and able to commute to jobs and schools.

The unexpected happens. 

Your car tire blows. The temperature drops below freezing and your gas bill spikes. Your rent is increased.

For foster care alumni, small misfortunes can spiral into catastrophes. 

Your blown tire means you can't make it to class, and you miss your exam. 
Your GPA drops, and you lose your grants and scholarships. 
You can't afford to continue your education, so you drop out. 
Your rent hike means you need to move but because you work full-time and go to school, you don't have enough time to find another apartment. You're evicted and move into your car.

Foster care alumni can recieve up to $500 per year for: 

  • Utilities
  • Transportation, including car repair, tires, bike

Open Collective Foundation receives 5% of your donation. After that, your entire contribution will go to a young person in need. 
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Hardship Grant
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-$500.00 USD
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from KS to Emergency Fund
-$500.00 USD
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$20,865.52 USD

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