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4IR 4ALL Ltd. is a Non-profit organisation that promotes For-profit entrepreneurship for Social Upliftment, leveraging 4IR tech & neo-economies.


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4IR Entrepreneurial Portal : Beta Launch

Our 4IR Entrepreneurial Portal will be soon ready for beta launch. We are building a global Impact Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that helps drive a global collective movement to leverage 4IR tech & neo-economies to solve different social is...
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Published on August 21, 2022 by Tashu Gudokin


4IR 4ALL Ltd. is an England & Wales registered, limited by guarantee, 100% Non-profit organisation that promotes for-profit impact entrepreneurship for social upliftment. Its mission is to leverage the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies and neo-economies to bring in positive changes in the lives of the disadvantaged section of the society.

(1) Global Cloud Ecosystem Portal (100% Free & Community Run)

  • Network & Profiles
  • Digital Skills Academy
  • Impact Entrepreneurship Marketplace
  • Online Impact Startups Incubator
  • Crowdfunding & Investments for Impact Startups

(2) Global Collective Startups Builder: In-house Impact Startups that are:

  • Cooperative & Collective Structure (Owned by founders, workers, community)
  • 100% For-profit and quickly globally scalable
  • UK or Delaware registered ( Ltd by shares / Delaware c-corp )
  • Early-stage Funding Ready (Including UK government's Tax Exempted SEIC Scheme)

(3) Thank Tanks and global collaboration
  • International Chapters
  • Advisory Board
  • Collaboration with different gov agencies to advocate encouraging regulations & schemes for Impact Startups

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