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A cooperative of micro-businesses in various disciplines, including coaching, mentoring, training, and facilitating.


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I think we have our setup on Open Collective sorted. This is the main organization, and we'll relaunch the website soon. Each Practitioner and some of the 8fold P...
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Published on December 18, 2023 by Josh Bruce


8fold is a collective of micro-business owners looking to help folks through various forms of coaching. We are part agency, part infrastructure, and part mastermind.

The idea for 8fold came after the founder, Josh Bruce, worked full-time as a freelance business consultant. The idea became solidified when Josh shifted to being a full-time employee with a consulting company.

He wanted to design a company that would minimize the problems he faced working freelance and those that came from working for someone else, specifically most corporate entities. 

8fold members are referred to as Practitioners. Over the last decade, the number of Practitioners has fluctuated from one up to nine and back to three as of this writing.

Many Practitioners leverage 8fold as a safe way to dip their toes into operating their own business. Some decided they'd prefer to work for someone else, and that's wonderful. When they do, they often find themselves less frustrated at their employers than they were previously.

We're constantly inspired to find communities large and small coming together while maintaining autonomy and helping each other. We're not sure where our Open Collective presence will go, but we're hopeful!

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