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Aashna+ was conceived with the aim of developing an accessible communal approach to individual therapy, where differences are embraced and interconnectedness is affirmed.  At its heart, Aashna+ is a social justice project offering an accessible longer-term service for people from marginalised communities diverse in race, culture, social background, religion, sexuality, age, gender, disability, care experience and other intersectionality; who may otherwise struggle to seek therapy. 
All involved; clients, therapists, supervisors and the Aashna creative team are participants in a bigger social experiment. By co-creating a pot of ‘communal resources’, we contribute our presence, our commitment to the wider project, our time, creative energy and financial support according to our individual means.  In essence, the pot of communal resources enables us to offer accessible, inclusive and in-depth psychotherapy, groups and projects. Moreover, it offers all of us a sense of belonging to a growing community informed by our ethos that difference in all its forms has to be recognised and resources can be shared.
Intertwined in this vision, is an intention to support therapists to develop a practice that is sensitive to the complexity of intersectionality and to the implications of existing power structures within the psychotherapy field and beyond.  Our emergent process emphasises our belief that collective and collaborative community is intrinsic in supporting both our own and our client's growth.  

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