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ABQ CiQlovía

CiQlovía is the ABQ version of the global phenomenon known as open streets. It refers to events where city streets are closed to cars and opened up to people on foot and bike, to stimulate community conversation about community livability and safety.



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Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces.


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04:00 PM-08:00 PM UTC
The 9th annual CiQlovía celebration celebrates safe, active fun for people of all ages and abilit...Read more

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Past event
04:00 PM-09:00 PM UTC
The 8th annual CiQlovía celebration celebrates safe, active fun for people of all ages and abilit...Read more

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CiQlovía 2022!

CiQlovia is back! This year, we are back to pre-COVID roots and grounding ourselves in the International District with fun activities and exploration and some with passive stations throughout the city. The event is envisio...
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Published on September 8, 2022 by Tatiana (she/her/ella)


Who We Are
CiQlovía is a labor of passion and dedication, brought to life by a diverse team of community organizers, bike advocates, public health professionals, and city planners. Their shared mission revolves around fostering strong communities and establishing secure spaces for biking, walking, and recreational activities within our neighborhoods.

ABQ CiQlovía's inception traces back to 2014 when it was started by the New Mexico Complete Streets Leadership Team (NMCSLT). Comprised of public health and transportation experts, as well as enthusiastic citizens statewide, NMCSLT tirelessly advocated for safer pedestrian and bicycling environments.

At its core, ABQ CiQlovía embodies the Complete Streets approach, which prioritizes the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of streets to ensure safe accessibility for all users, regardless of age or ability, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and transit riders.

In 2016, the organizers of previous CiQlovía events approached Healthy Here's Active Living Workgroup, a coalition consisting of public health professionals and community members. They discussed the possibility of having two members from the workgroup, the International District Healthy Communities Coalition (IDHCC) and Presbyterian Community Health (PCH), partner in the design and execution of CiQlovía. IDHCC is a resident-led coalition with a focus on the wellbeing of Albuquerque's International District, while PCH leads community health initiatives for New Mexico's largest private nonprofit health system. By involving these organizations, ABQ CiQlovía expanded its reach to the southeast side of Albuquerque, building upon ongoing efforts to address public safety and the built environment in the area and showcasing the uniqueness and vibrancy of the community.

CiQlovía is about community.
CiQlovía is about celebrating community and enjoying our city. It’s about celebrating life and each other.

CiQlovía is for everyone.
CiQlovía is a FREE event designed to encourage ALL Burqueños and visitors to enjoy our beautiful city and unique neighborhoods.

It is an opportunity for juniors, seniors and inbetweeners to safely enjoy activities in the street.

CiQlovía is about envisioning the future.
CiQlovía will be an opportunity to stimulate a community conversation about bicycle and pedestrian issues and public health issues, while also stimulating the local economy and encouraging active lifestyles.

This event will also highlight local businesses, improve community livability, and serve as an opportunity to reimagine our largest public space – STREETS!

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