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Well Beings: grateful, generous & compassionate relaters practicing and evolving "wellbeing-intelligence" together.


We practice warm relating with our 6 Wellbeing Aspects

We practice a FRIENDLY Self-Care Model


We are mutual companions in:

    • shifting states from"worrying about what might happen".... to connecting with qualities we want to resonate 
    • unhooking from external "permission"... we're about finding genuine courage to be visible and true to ourselves
    • editing our narratives for an expanded version of self that has capacity, compassion and clarity
    • seeing new possibilities beyond our old inherited patterns
    • living our purpose with more empathy, warmth and self-trust 
    • applying the Activate Wellbeing model to our circumstances
    • creating new mental habits to align with what we really care about 
    • implementing self-compassion as we keep each other accountable
    • building self- appreciation practices like gratitude and generosity


In the EVENTS section below you'll find the next upcoming free Wellbeing Review session on zoom, which will introduce you to the FRIENDLY MODEL of self-care. 

If you've already participated in a Wellbeing Review and want to continue to stay connected with this community, please feel welcome to take a look at the THE FRIEND'S CLUB in the PROJECTS section below.

The Friend's Club offers a community of support to develop your inner-friendship practice, so you can apply the Activate Wellbeing framework in your own personal, family, and business contexts.

For more personal support, there are also private COACHING and CONSULTING options. Please email
[email protected] so we can make a time to connect.


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ACTIVATE WELLBEING is hosting the following events.

04:00 AM UTC
Reflect on your last quarter and set intentions for the new quarter July - Sept 2022
Past event
08:30 AM UTC
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Support the following initiatives from ACTIVATE WELLBEING.

Subscriber one-on-one sessions for personal and business wellbeing.
Community practicing inner-friendship and wellbeing together.

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Let’s get the discussion going! This is a space for the community to converse, ask questions, say thank you, and get things done together.

Have you been introduced to the Wellbeing Review process?

Published on April 10, 2022 by Karen Thompson-Anderson

In this 60min session I dive into a Wellbeing Review for myself over the last 3 months...exploring places I celebrate and mourn my progress and setting intentions for my own stretch goals to enhance my wellbeing in the coming quarter. Watch...