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Guide to run ADAMANT node on Windows

Welcome to run ADAMANT node on a Windows PC:
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Published on April 7, 2021 by Aleksei Lebedev

Binance Coin, Bit-Z token, Stably USD, Resfinex token, KuCoin Shares in the update of ADAMANT Messenger for iOS

The new Messenger for iOS stores and transfers BNB, BZ, USDS, RES and KCS in chats—just like apps for Android, Web and Tor.What is special about ADAMANT crypto wallet · Open source. If you think this is a common thing, you are wrong. Trust,...
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Published on March 31, 2021 by Aleksei Lebedev

Welcome Lisk (LSK) wallet and in-chat transfers in ADAMANT Messenger

Welcome Lisk crypto wallet and in-chat transfers in decentralized anonymous ADAMANT Messenger, which blockchain built on Lisk. ADAMANT is the easiest open-source Lisk wallet, and the only messenger offering in-chat LSK transfers. Considerin...
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Published on March 16, 2021 by Aleksei Lebedev


ADAMANT is a decentralized anonymous messenger based on the blockchain system. It’s independent of any governments or corporations, and even developers due to the distributed network infrastructure that contains an open-source code.

Unlike typical P2P and centralized messengers, the blockchain system offers superior security and privacy. What’s more, it provides users with new possibilities such as storing and transferring cryptocurrencies In-Chat with full control of private keys; use ADAMANT as a 2FA solution, exchange cryptocurrency anonymously and bet on Bitcoin rates and more.

The ADAMANT blockchain system belongs to its users. Nobody can control, block, deactivate, restrict or censor accounts. Users take full responsibility for their content, messages, media, and goals and intentions of using the messenger.

Privacy is the main concept of ADAMANT: neither phone numbers nor emails are required. Apps have no access to the contact list or geotags, IPs are hidden from chatters and paranoids can use ADAMANT via Tor.

All the messages are encrypted with the Diffie-Hellman Curve25519, Salsa20, Poly1305 algorithms and signed by SHA-256 + Ed25519 EdDSA. Private keys are never transferred to the network. The sequence of messages and their authenticity is guaranteed by the blockchain.
Apps are available on Web, Tor, App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux.

  • ADAMANT offers Web, iOS, Tor, Windows, Linux and MacOS apps
  • Working since 2017
  • Developing by ADAMANT Foundation
  • Open source
  • Storing and transferring cryptocurrencies In-Chat. 60 seconds demo video:
  • Full control of private keys
  • Internal exchanger
  • Independent of any governments or corporations
  • Censorship is impossible
  • Neither phone numbers nor emails
  • No access to the contact list or geotags
  • IPs are hidden from chatters
  • Tor app for paranoids
  • Encryption Diffie-Hellman Curve25519, Salsa20, Poly1305 and sign SHA-256 + Ed25519 EdDSA
  • Blockchain 2FA solution
  • ADAMANT for Business solution