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A site to support amputees in becoming more active.


Adaptable curates and organizes information to help amputees become more active.

Whether that's identifying the right prosthetic equipment or increasing awareness of adaptive sports programs, grants, and scholarships, we want to help ensure amputees have access to the right information to support them in pursuing the activities that move them.

Currently, there's a treasure trove of information and advice in the heads of amputees, prosthetists, instructors, physical therapists, and more. Unfortunately, it's not easily accessible. Fortunately, it's all information that lends itself way to online content through writing, photos, videos, and more. Adaptable aims to digitize all of that word-of-mouth knowledge so that it's accessible to every amputee in the world.

At its core, it's a website and application designed around filtering content for relevance. Individual amputees have a lot of shared experiences, but when it comes to being more active, context is everything. Arm or leg? Above knee/elbow? Below knee/elbow? What sport or activity are you interested in? What are your financial/insurance resources? Where are you located? How long ago was your amputation? What's your current fitness/activity level? The list goes on.

The answer to all of these questions compounds into a dizzying array of possibilities. Without filtering and curation, all of that information is just noise. But if someone could narrow all of it down to only the information that's relevant to their specific context, they have a chance.

Moreover, as Adaptable will be heavily software-based, the vision is to design and build it with the vision of contributing as much of the software as possible to the open source community. Long-term, with the vision of supporting more disabilities than amputation, web accessibility and related education will play a role as well.

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