Open Collective
Open Collective

Adriana Chanmala



I fell into permaculture by coincidence, but my deep understanding of it's epic meaning, it's potential impact, it's super-power ability to regenerate earth and ourselves... that comes from my training as an economist. 

Of course, a healthy dose of childhood poverty and an earthy immigrant mentality and frugality has shaped my perspective on whole-systems design thinking. 

I hope to provide a fresh and truly innovative conversation on using the symbiotic connections that permaculture can bring to the table.  My mission, The Earthius Project: Regenerative Solutions, touches on absolutely everything... from food production, sure, to ecology and conservation, of course, to capitalism, consumerism, healthcare, alternative social and economic models, global collaboration, you name it. 

But underneath it all, lies a desperate desire to come home.  A yearning to cast aside our prodigal ways and become one with the Great Mother in a way that allows us to be, once again, true Earthlings. 
Open Collective
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