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AfricArXiv on OSF partnership, hosting & maintencance

Contribute to covering the fees for AfricArXiv preprint hosting on the Open Science Framework (OSF).

Since our launch in 2018, we are partnering with the Center for Open Science to enhance the discoverability of African research output. The COS maintains the Open Science Framework (OSF) to help researchers conduct research more rigorously, and manage and share their work more openly.

AfricArXiv manages a customized instance on the OSF with more than 200 accepted preprint manuscripts, presentation slide decks, and posters by African researchers and on Africa-focused research topics.

To view the full AfricArXiv/OSF collection please go to

For customized preprint infrastructural services, the COS has developed a distributed cost model explained at which is based on the yearly submission rate:

With xxx (tbd) accepted submissions to AfricArXiv/OSF in 2020 the cost totals USD xxx of which COS subsidizes a portion of USD xxx (see the above table for details).

Please note: Additionally to the above infrastructural services by the COS, the AfricArXiv team is providing regular services that include:
  • monthly partner conversations with COS
  • submission moderation
  • quality assurance
  • online marketing

Our AfricArXiv OSF Budget for 2020

     xxx.00 € | OSF 2020 fee*
    xxx.00 € | + 30% of the above fee towards AfricArXiv for reinvestments in our roadmap
    xxx.00 € | Financial transaction fees
   xxxx.00 €

*  rounded from a currency exchange rate of 1.00 Euro to 1.20 USD as of Feb 2021


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