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Data Driven Generation

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AI Festival Nigeria is hosting the following events.

Past event

6th Community meetup

06:00 PM UTC
Discussed new technologies, new tools, best techniques to build a data science project
Past event

Pydata Pot Harcourt

09:00 PM UTC
At this event, we discuss various python libraries and how to use them for Data Science and Machi...Read more

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                              AI Festival Nigeria 

                           “Data-Driven Generation”

Nigeria’s AI future is undeniably bright. It is driven by innovation where creators focus on adding value. AI empowers people to solve complex problems and scale their creative efforts. AI results in, more innovative products that diffuse throughout our economy, enhance growth, and improve outcomes for consumers.

AI Festival is a 3 days event happening in Port Harcourt city on April 17th - 18th 2020, This event will bring together technology leaders, Data Scientists, Machine Learning engineers, designers and more pioneers alike to examine how AI and its sub-elements can address the most emerging challenges in the country, from developing technical skills to expanding entrepreneurial initiatives to building scalable products.

Our goal is to bridge the gap that exists between the world of academics (which focuses on AI tools and techniques) and industry ( AI products) to enable stakeholders to fully harness the promise and possibilities of AI, also ensuring companies in Nigeria foresee the reason why they need to hire a data scientist and its necessity 

Ai Festival Nigeria is proudly brought to you by the organizers of Port Harcourt School of Ai Community. We have partnered with IBM, Saparis, Black In Tech San Diego, Women In Big Data, Data Science Nigeria, Chigosoft with 300+ participants to network, learn and grow. 

Our Event: To bring together practitioners, innovators, aspirants, and end-users to connect, grow, learn and build together in Nigeria.

Our Mission: To build a healthy and product-driven community of AI (with its sub-elements)  intertwined with Data Science Nigeria Vision.

Our Vision:  Transforming innovation and democratizing AI. 

We will bring the best speakers in the industry, who will share their unique insights to help our attendees leave with a plan for the future. We will also bring AI startup– early- to late-stage --– in gamba style, with an amazing array of competitions, grants and workshop features to keep everyone energized for the future.

At the end of the festival, beginners will thrive hard to learn more by joining local communities, participating in Zindi and Kaggle competitions, Intermediate will upgrade their skills and learn new practices from the Industrial speakers, experts will share their knowledge to grow and make the community healthier, users will see the impact of AI and motivating reason on why they should participate in influencing AI development in their local community, and companies in Nigeria will see the reason why they need to hire a data scientist and its necessity. 

At our festival, we will feature music, art, and experience. 

Attendees or delegates will be entertained with good music while they learn from speakers and workshops.

This will include both cultural and technological art. As for technology art, we will have a side fire view of various technologies which includes: Ar, Vr, Mr, Robotics(From Reach Robotics and other robotics academies) and Internet of things devices. 

This includes the user's experience and also building their intuition to partake or get fit for the future of technology. 

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