Open Collective
Open Collective


Ecotechnological, social-oriented, DIY, STEAM, open-source educational toys


We are an international collective of educators, makers, artists, and communicators willing to enable kids from all backgrounds to have their dreams' toys, despite their social background. 
Our community started in 2015 and has not stopped growing since then. We have given workshops, made interventions, and gone through residences in more than 50 cities in 10 countries from 4 different continents! More than 1,000 teachers were trained, at least 20,000 people participated in our initiatives.
We believe that toys should be free for the children and for the planet. That's why we created a collection of ecotechnological toys that you can make at home, at school, or at your local workshop or FabLab using the resources you have at hand (simple tools, cheap materials, even recycled ones) as well as making use of complex equipment like 3D printers, laser cutters or vinyl cutter plotters.
Our blueprints, tutorials, and mounting guides are open-source and we encourage our community to post their experiences and creations back, so everybody participates in the production of a really user-crowdsourced knowledge base.


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