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Professional architects on the project now
Published on August 29, 2023 by Heinz Robert

Hello supporters
I just want to give a quick update on the developments on this project.
First of all we changed the name of the building. It's now called The Moo. A few things led to this. One is that we found out that the iron fences that we took out in the last months were to massive for sheeps and have probably be built for cows. We don't know if there ever have been cows in the barn, we only heard of sheeps from neighbors.
Also The Moo brings a nice aspect to the Mo(o)nastery and we can let go of this rather religious connotated term, also because it definitely will not be only used for this purpose.

About a week ago a small group of professional architects took over the drawings and ideas I made the last few months. Based on this existing groundwork they will come up with a specific plan for a needed building permit. In a meeting with the Eksjö municipality we learned that we need a hotel standard for fire safety and wheelchair accessibility if more then 9 people are sleeping in the building. It is a bigger thing to change the building from agriculture to that purpose we want it to be, for accommodation and events.

There will be another Work is Play weekend from 15-17 Sept where there can be further preparations can be done, also during the Monastic Retreat the week after. We hope to continue with preparing the bathrooms, so they can be used as soon we have the greywater system set up.
The weekend of 23-24 Sept there also an Unconference organized in Alversjö that might bring some new insights and creative ideas.
Maybe you can join us at one of those occasions.

Kind regards