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Welcome and thank you!
Published on April 2, 2023 by Heinz Robert

Dear member of Alversjö.land

We realized in our last Sunday meeting that we never officially welcomed you, so we do that briefly with this.
Have you heard that we finally made everything clear with the bank and now really own the land? Some people might have thought we do already but there were some things to be clarified from the authorities which cause the delay and unfortunately also now higher interest for the bank loans. Anyways we are super happy that it is now done and bigger projects can start on the land.
You are one of almost 200 people who supported this project so far. THANK YOU!!!

We have a work weekend coming up from April 14-16 where we want to continue to clean up the houses and scrap from the land and also want to connect with you in person.
Please consider to join either this or one of the next work weekends.

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See you soon
some hard working people in the Alversjö community.

Alexander Campari

Posted on April 6, 2023

Hi Pinkolas,

I write and talk i English and SWEDISH, and I tend to use english as it is more inclusive.

Thank you for the welcoming! I would love to connect with you and the others. I wish I had been able to join the meeting but my job has been taking all my time. 

But from today and 6 weeks ahead I am on a much needed vacation, with limited planning just like I want it. However, vacation for me is meeting people, working with my body, and experiencing new things. Emergency doctor by day, street artist by night. Liberal and open minded, and started attending raves/outdoor parties around age 13. Today I have a large interest in art, building, digital projections of planned builds. I am no carpenter, but I have rebuilt 4 apartments and been the lead project leader and helped about on larger events. I am quite new to the "burn" scene, and spent new years ar a 120 ppl burn. It was much needed and when I read about Alversjö I felt in love. Both in the events, but also in the area and being part of taking care of it.

I am currently having two major plans for the coming six weeks: 5-6 days of preparation and relaxation. Then I either travel in some way towards Biarritz and start a hike of unknown during over the Pyrenees. However, I need to reduce a toe inflammation and I might start with a trip to Austria by car. I would like to assist 14-16, as it is on the way. And I would LOVE doing some handywork,

But I am very new to Alversjö and I have some questions, mainly how people plan on sleeping and eating, as well as what I could bring to assists.

Take care and thank you for reaching out :)


PS. I am  much easier to get hold on through email, mainly [email protected] 

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Heinz Robert

Posted on April 7, 2023

Hello Alexander
Thank you for supporting Alversjö and the interest to come for the work weekend.
Best would be if you can join our Discord server where most of the communication is on. We are not so good with emails as we would like all the communication transparent, which serves better the decentralized collaboration.
If you want to come earlier, I am already on the land until after the work weekend.
We can sleep inside, not heated, everybody brings some food and we can cook together. There is always leftovers from weekends before.
Hope to see you soon.