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Amazon Workers United ALB1

Funds for Workers Currently Organizing the ALB1 Fulfillment Center in Schodack, NY


Amazon Workers Need Your Solidarity
When Amazon workers won their first union in Staten Island, NY, they started an unprecedented union drive that is sweeping the nation. However, Amazon has responded with retaliation—like firing union supporters even after being issued warnings by the National Labor Relations Board.

Right now, over 400 Amazon workers at ALB1 in Schodack have filed for a union election and every union supporter is at risk of retaliation. Can you help us sustain support for workers exercising their rights and Help us unionize one of the most profitable companies on the planet?

This fund was started by Amazon workers and community supporters (no affiliation with ALU) to centrally raise mutual aid for these workers and distribute it in an equitable manner across the region. 


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