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Amazon Workers For Labor Democracy

A worker-led effort to create more democratic, accountable workplace organizing. We provide training and education to workers on the principles of labor law and union democracy, in support of existing organizing efforts in Staten Island, NY.

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union democracy is pretty based 💅🏻


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As a wave of independent unionism spreads across the country, many workers, especially at Amazon, are forming their own independent labor organizations in an effort to ensure more autonomy, democracy, and equality in their workplace organizing. However, few workers are educated on their rights under the LMRDA, such as the Union Members' Bill of Rights. They also must understand a labor union's legal obligation to ensure a strong degree of democracy in certain aspects of the organization, such as fair elections and member input in the setting of dues. Moreover, workers must understand the legal obligations of union leadership, so that they may ensure their organization is in compliance with the law, and hold that leadership to a certain standard.

Amazon Workers For Labor Democracy is a collective that educates workers organizing at Amazon and elsewhere on their rights under the LMRDA, the legal requirements of labor unions, and the importance of labor democracy more broadly as the key to successful organizing. We conduct trainings, perform outreach and advocacy, and disseminate literature to workers organizing independently. 

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union democracy is pretty based 💅🏻