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Amiberry 5.2 coming soon
Published on May 18, 2022 by Dimitris Panokostas

Hi everyone!
I know, I said that 5.1 will be the point where I stop to take a break from this, but here we are... :D
I've started working on 5.2 the last few days, and I'm making good progress already.
This next version will not be a huge one, but I think the improvements and fixes contained are important enough. Here's what's already implemented since 5.1:
  • Fixed #949: Hotkey mappings didn't work with controller buttons. Also, only check for hotkey buttons if they have been mapped.
  • Added new CD32 config option, with 8MB Fast RAM. By default, that is now used from the --autoload command line option.
  • P96 new features are now optional. DACSWITCH fix. Fixes issues with the latest P96 release (merged from WinUAE).
  • Enable RTC automatically if enabled expansions have RTC (merged from WinUAE).
  • Updated WHDBooter XML to latest version.
  • Implemented #959: Support for Cycle-Exact mode from XML options. Helps with certain games that had glitches unless 68000 Cycle-Exact mode was used.
  • Updated bundled AROS kickstart ROMs to latest version.
  • Implemented #963: Ability to set default soundcard, in amiberry.conf. Useful if you have a USB soundcard and you always want to use that in Amiberry.
  • Fixed vertical mouse position bug, when Auto-Crop was used in combination with Virtual Mouse driver (#963).
  • Fixed #970: the macOS app bundle now launches the binary directly, and asks for permissions to the Documents folder, which fixes some weird behavior.
There are still a few more cases I'd like to look into, before 5.2 is ready to go, of course. But most of them are done, as you can see above!

Until the next one, have fun!

Gareth Wood

Posted on May 18, 2022

Huge thanks for all your hard work on this Dimitris. If only more developers could offer the support and passion for constantly improving emulators like you do! :D