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Amiberry 5.3 released
Published on July 1, 2022 by Dimitris Panokostas

Hi everyone!
Today Amiberry v5.3 was released:
There are several bugfixes and a few improvements added in this release:  

🎉 New Features

  • statusline resync indicator, merged from latest WinUAE

🐛 Bugfixes

  • AmiQuit was missing from file (fixes #976)
  • Fixed P96 not working anymore in some environments (fixes #989)
  • input options were not properly parsed when using default.uae on startup, until the GUI was opened once (#986)
  • Navigation in Custom controls when using SDL2 versions older than 2.0.14 wasn't correct (fixes #980)
  • don't overwrite all of changed_prefs when enabling autoheight in DMX
  • Reverted CIA changes until upstream bug is fixed (fixes #985)

🔨 Improvements

  • Updated WHDLoad binary to 18.8
  • updated WHDBooter XML to latest version
  • Added logging when parsing Custom Controls from XML
  • CD32 C2P/NVRAM only config fixes, C2P init fix.
  • Add Brightness/Contrast controls on the GUI #974
  • upgraded floppybridge to latest version (v1.3), fixes some issues with GreaseWeazle
  • fixed multiple datatype related compiler warnings
  • merged various definitions from latest WinUAE
  • CPU emulation STOP update
  • upgraded FloppyBridge to v1.3
  • check for w/h values before setting custom limits
  • newcpu emulation minor fixes
  • set a default pattern for memory hard reset

🏗️ Build System

  • updated CMakeLists file, excluded "other" labels from release notes
  • Removed Dispmanx 64-bit Manjaro build
  • allow CI workflow to be triggered manually also
  • added docker build for rpi4-sdl2
  • don't try to copy file locally when using docker
  • Added x86_64 build, disabled rpi 32-bit self-hosted
  • Fixed x86-64 make command
  • deprecated self-hosted agents for SDL2 builds, using Docker instead
  • Removed Dispmanx targets from pre-compiled binaries list

🪚 Refactors

  • WHDBooter options parsing improvements
  • compiler warning fixes in disk.cpp

📚 Documentation Changes

  • removed "bug" from recognized commit labels
  • Added CI badge on Readme
  • updated README with improved instructions

🧹 Chores

  • Visual Studio: Use C++17 in DMX project also