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Open Collective
Amiberry 5.6.1 released
Published on June 14, 2023 by Dimitris Panokostas

🐛 Bugfixes
  • Hardfile properties were always set to default (fixes #1077)
  • cycle exact was incorrect enabled sometimes (fixes #1075)
  • Fix foreign disk image support when drive is standard Amiga 3.5" DD
  • hsync events should be before misc events
  • fixed uaegfx board parameters
  • uaegfx board name is UAE, not uaegfx.card
  • Fix helptext formatting in CPU panel (fixes #1088)
  • use double-quotes to denote inches in GUI
  • when using --autoload with a filename in the current path, Amiberry would crash (fixes #1091)
  • fix build errors with GCC 13.1 (fixes #1100)
  • savestate cmd line option would not use filename (fixes #1081)
  • second controller buttons would not be registered in retroarch (fixes #1092)
  • Fullscreen toggle would no longer work since v5.3 (fixes #1103)
  • reverted copying of prefs on hard reset (fixes #1068)
🔨 Improvements
  • P96 minor fixes
  • Removed unnecessary casting in scsi.cpp
  • VGA mode resolution autoswitch update
  • VGA autoswitch update to support new OS 3.2 monitors
  • Upgraded FloppyDriveBridge to v1.4
  • refresh GUI when hidden behind other windows (fixes #1090)
  • improve message when Main ROM is not found (fixes #1095)
  • improve Floppy GUI panel (fixes #1094)
  • use BGR888 for 32-bit modes (fixes #1080)