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Amiberry November 2022 update
Published on November 19, 2022 by Dimitris Panokostas

Fixed a few more bugs in Amiberry lately, gearing up towards a v5.5 release: 
- Controller axes "inverted" status was not respected when reading input from them. This was a rather rare scenario, and has been broken since after v3.3 probably. Nobody noticed I guess, until recently :) 
- CDDA audio would fail to initialize in some cases. This only seemed to happen in 32-bit installations, I couldn't recreate it under 64-bit. But it's now fixed properly. 
- Reverted CD32 whdload booter config to the previous default. The 8MB Fast RAM config seemed to make at least one game unhappy (Chaos Engine CD32 would show a black screen), so it wasn't worth it. 
- Increased Savestate thumb size. You can see more clearly now, and also helps if you saved a thumbnail with scanlines in it.
Currently working on a few more minor issues I am aware of and running tests to make sure things work as expected.
Meanwhile, I'm also working on a new x86 version, one that will include the full CPU emulation from WinUAE. This is currently working, but without JIT (yet). It's not release-ready however, as it needs more time to iron out the glitches and eventually enable JIT support for it as well. Hopefully this will help bring the full CPU emulation suite to the ARM versions as well then, as with newer boards it's becoming more feasible to have that.
Finally, I'd like to remind you all that there's a new donation option available: 
Thank you for your support!