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Amiberry v5.1 incoming
Published on April 15, 2022 by Dimitris Panokostas

Hi all,
The plan was to release v5.0, then take a little break and time off with the family.
But as usual, plans and reality are not always in-sync. :)

After the v5.0 release, we discovered a few glitches related to the Dispmanx version, and more specifically in RetroPie installations. I've been trying to get RetroPie to upgrade from 3.3 for quite a while now, and it looks like it's finally happening!
So to avoid having a lot of support questions and people having problems with it, I decided to get a new update ready as soon as possible, to RetroPie can use that one instead of 5.0 - and at the same time, fix a few more issues that were found along the way.

So, here's the full list of what's coming with v5.1:
  • Fixed an issue with case-sensitive folder names in macOS, when creating the bundle
  • Made the Auto-Switch Mouse/Joystick option Enabled by default (now same as in WinUAE). This was disabled by default a while back, until we could be sure the glitches it had originally had been sorted out. It seems to work as expected in all cases now, so it's being reverted to Enabled by default.
  • Fixed incorrect naming of "Auto-height" to "Auto-crop" in amiberry.conf
  • DispmanX: Minor code cleanup when calculating correct Aspect Ratio
  • DispmanX: Auto-Height fixes
  • DispmanX: Fixed bug where Width/Height and Centering would be reset to the default, if changed when Auto-Height/Crop was enabled (#929)
  • DispmanX: Slightly increase minimum Height when auto-height is enabled, to avoid cases of some lines being cut-off (e.g. Lotus Esprit) (#929)
  • DispmanX: Fixed bug where auto-height would not increase height size dynamically, only reduce it (#929)
  • Added sources for AMOS-based WHDbooter.
  • Updated WHDBooter XML to latest version
  • Added missing uae-configuration tool in
  • Recognize .chd and .iso  as CD images when using --autoload
  • WHDBoot: Use SHA1 checksums as a fallback if filename doesn't match
  • Fixed #937: If shutdown button was disabled, you could no longer navigate to the bottom button row
  • Fixed #942: D-Pad would not work when using Retroarch configs
  • #937: Make sure that when we go Up from About we also land on Quit, not Shutdown
  • Updated WHDLoad DB XML to latest version (2022-04-13)
  • Disable Horizontal Centering by default - sync things with WinUAE in this area.
  • #941: Allow parsing of Display settings from XML, optionally. A new option has been added in amiberry.conf (documented in the Wiki page as well): allow_display_settings_from_xml (yes/no - defaults to yes). When this option is enabled, then the Display Settings of the emulator are parsed from the WHDLoad XML when loading a recognized game. If it's disabled, then the defaults from amiberry.conf apply, instead. In cases where DispmanX is not used, and Auto-Crop is enabled, these values are ignored (auto-crop needs the defaults for those, otherwise we don't have correct output).
  • #941: Updated amiberry.conf with missing default options
  • Fixed #944: FloppyBridge: loading a config with FB enabled would not initialize it
  • WHDBooter: parse H/V Offset settings from XML as well, if found (and we're not using auto-crop). These options are new in the XML and will be added from the next update.
  • Custom Controls: Use strings to parse custom control configs - internal optimization.
  • WinUAE: Read track zero when checking bootblock contents. Disappeared in previous update.
  • WinUAE: Reinitialize Floppybridge support if drive mode is changed on the fly.
We are currently testing the version with all the changes above, and more specifically the ones related to parsing config options from the XML after the additions and changes made recently. So far things look good, but it's always possible that there may be something we missed.

Once we are confident it's "good enough", v5.1 will be released!
Perhaps then I can take that break I was planning... :)