Open Source HTML5 Audio Library: Design your web audio player, the way you want
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We focused on making AmplitudeJS easier to use than ever before! Not many changes were added to the core, but we added a ton of new features to stabilize future releases and make it even easier to get started with AmplitudeJS. These features include:
Published on July 15, 2019 by Jay Rogers


Open Source HTML5 Audio Library: Design your web audio player, the way you want

AmplitudeJS is a freely available JavaScript library that enables front end developers to have complete control over web player designs in the browser.

Why do we ask for your support?

AmplitudeJS is open source and free to use under the MIT license, but there is a lot of effort required to maintain and develop new features. Without proper financial backing, the project is not sustainable to provide the product quality that we envision. Your donations will directly support office hours, feature enhancements, accessible learning materials, and great documentation.

What will your sponsorship support?

Your sponsorship will support upkeep and growth costs to take AmplitudeJS to the next level. If you are interested in seeing what we'd like to do, view our roadmap →


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