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Open Collective
October update
Published on October 5, 2022 by Dread Knight

Will see about posting more often around here, at least on monthly basis, as this started to generate a bit of revenue for the project, so I'm taking it more seriously; yeah, I know, it should have been the other way around I guess, but invested time and energy in many other platforms before and they didn't give any results at times...

I've switched to the OC widget for our homepage and GitHub Readme recently, this way whoever becomes a backer or sponsor will have its banner added automatically, without having to email me and wait until I get my lazy butt to push the updates, as the details are used right from the OC account 🥳 Less work for me and happier supporters as well in the process; had someone in the past not support the project anymore because I took too long to provide a clickable banner, oh well, you live, you learn 🐻

Regarding upcoming stuff, I want to provide Sponsor tier ($50+) with follow type of links, as the widget makes all of them "no-follow" by default. I've proposed this change to the website, hopefully it will get implemented:
It should make a lot of people happy. Personally I think SEO stuff is a bit overrated, but that's me. Webcrawlers go through all the links anyway nowadays 🕷️

We're participating in Hacktoberfest and OpenHack22, so there will be quite a few coding contributions to the project this month; I've also set up quite a few XatteR (our token) bounties on various issues and made a Wiki entry about it. We're getting closer and closer to finally releasing v0.4 🎉

I'm also looking into showcasing some of the Sponsors in-game directly, perhaps in one of the screens or even to have top 3 Sponsor avatars (clickable) close to the upper right corner!
Will also try to make the website to display Sponsors and Backers on all the pages, on the sides, if the screen (and browser window) is large enough.

I'll be moving alone soon once again, finally no more toxic parents around, but I'll be more stressed about income and paying bills, as I have no stable income and I'm rather poor. So please consider supporting me in my journey to bring thins game project to the masses, get it in good shape and expand it as we see fit 👾👾👾
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