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Andreas Arnold is a Berlin-based social entrepreneur, business consultant, community builder and connector into the platform coops ecosystem. After graduating with a Diploma in Industrial Engineering and Management and in front of the transition from the sharing economy to the platform coops movement over the past 10 years he has gained expertise in the fields of blockchain, DLT, DAO, DGOV, cryptocurrencies, marketplaces and business models for the cooperative, digital economy in general. 
As a co-founder of Platform Cooperatives Germany eG Andreas supports founders creating cooperative, digital business models. Being a network manager in the Platform Coops innovation network he also connects businesses by facilitating knowledge transfers and supporting their innovation design. Furthermore, Andreas leads the digitalisation and marketplace development for the freelancer coop SMartDe eG. In addition, he coordinates the marketplace development for the blockchain UBI project Circles and consults the partnering Circles Coop eG