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Open Collective
Version 1.3.3 released!
Published on September 11, 2019 by Harsh Shandilya

v1.3.3 is now out on the Play Store beta channel and will be showing up on F-Droid soon enough. A lot of major changes have gone into this release and a lot more is coming!


  • Improved commit messages when modifying the git tree
  • Notify user when a password is going to be overwritten
  • The UX around how passwords are copied to the clipboard was made clearer. Thanks reroman!
  • The ability to generate uppercase-only passwords was added. Thanks again to reroman for his contribution!
  • A bug where the "Clear clipboard 20x" feature did not work as intended was fixed by rk0n.
  • Support for reading digits, algorithm and period in TOTP URIs was added by Dan Ho.
  • Support for Valve's Steam Guard was also contributed by Dan Ho.
  • The ability to authenticate with the OpenKeychain SSH API was contributed by vexofp. This feature is still in technical preview and we're tracking progress on GitHub.
  • Miles Breslin contributed support for alternative TOTP formats.
  • A lot of minor and major code restructuring was performed to make future maintenance of APS easier and to attract more contributors.

What's planned for the future

Currently, work is underway on a UI refresh that can be tracked here. New issues and feature requests are being taken over and implemented and we are committed to bringing some form of regularity to our releases to ensure the latest and greatest of our work reaches users in a timely fashion. Thanks for all your support and we look forward to great things!