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The Angola Open-source Community aims to empower Angolan programmers to contribute to open-source software projects and grow the open-source community in Angola.

The motivation behind creating the Angola Open-source Foundation is to drive the growth and recognition of the open-source community in Angola. We recognize the importance of open-source software as a powerful tool for technological and economic development in a country. By actively empowering Angolan developers to participate in this ecosystem, we aim to stimulate local innovation, promote job creation in the technology sector, and contribute to the country's digital transformation.
  • Our main goals are:
    • Foster the culture of open-source software, raising awareness of its benefits and encouraging its use in Angola.
    • Accelerate open-source development by providing resources and mentoring programs to help Angolan developers actively contribute to open-source projects.
    • Establish partnerships and collaborations with local and international organizations to strengthen the open-source community in Angola and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences.
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