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Grant #58031
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Dec 10, 2021

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To whom it may concern -
I am an Italian student who has officially started their PhD programme one month ago. The project I have joined is about looking for consciousness phenomena in cephalopod molluscs to broaden the amount of evidence available and enhance important comparative studies with other species, as well as improving procedures to perform humane research. Given my lifelong passion for this animal class and the rareness of finding something that gives "a reason to believe" during these struggling times, I have decided to consider the enrolment offer even if the position I have accepted is without scholarship and, therefore, entirely self-funded.

I was looking for financial hardships to apply to, because of my struggle with remote studying  and living expenses, but I was going to give up due to the disheartening amount of evidence requested. I could not be happier for finding about ABC - becoming aware of chances to be supported through this journey without having to explain my background in details is something that makes me feel way more motivated and at ease with my condition.

I hope the amount I am asking for sounds reasonable to help me go through the next months of acclimatisation and breathe a sigh of relief.

Thank you for this unique opportunity.

All the best,
Irene Sant'Ambrogio
£150.00 GBP

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Expense policies
Applications for May Microgrants are open now and will stay open until May 24th!

We would like to inform you of a change to the timing and structure of our microgrant, beginning in 2024. We will no longer be offering microgrants each month - rather, we will hold three rounds of funding per year, which will have an open application period, followed by a dispersal of grants. The first round of funding will take place in May of 2024. We will announce the opening and closing deadlines for applications several weeks in advance of each funding round, and you are welcome to apply at that time, if you are in need. This change in our structure will allow us to grant more requests in full, and to fundraise more effectively. You can follow us on X and on Instagram (@ABCmicrogrants) if you would like to keep informed about future funding rounds.

Undergraduate and graduate students in animal behaviour in any country can submit expenses from £5 to £200 (or equivalent in other currencies).

Download the microgrant application form here.
When you submit your application, please email this form to [email protected] from your institutional email address (if you have one) - full instructions on how to apply here

You don’t have to explain yourself –  we get that our lives can be complicated and strongly believe that we as financially marginalized people are the best arbiters of what we need and the experts on our own lives. We reject the all too common pattern in academia (and everywhere) that demands historically underrepresented and working-class people “prove” their worthiness in a system that ignores structural inconsistencies in students’ backgrounds or expose/perform their need and trauma for some committee in order to get the money that we require.

Our goal is to start our relationship with our grantees through trust, instead of with an assumption that they are lying (i.e. through proving need). Historically marginalized students are already forced to navigate these types of distrustful relationships with their institutions while their financially comfortable peers are not. 

Our only requirement is that you submit your expense with your institutional email address, so that we confirm that you are a student. If your institution does not provide an email address, you may attach a photo of your student card or proof of enrolment. 

Are you a student in animal behaviour? Animal behaviour is a broad field, and might include students in psychology, anthropology, biology, ecology, zoology etc. It doesn’t matter what department you are in - if in your degree you are focussing on animal behaviour, you can apply!

What can you submit expenses for? Anything you need that will support you through your education. This could include (but is not limited to) buying a book, hiring childcare, paying rent or internet bills to have access to online university materials from home, or even just buying a proper meal so that you do not have to attend the next class on an empty stomach!


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