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Animal Behaviour Collective Newsletter, Apr 2021
Published on April 1, 2021 by Animal Behaviour Collective

Good afternoon,

Thanks so much for being a part of the Animal Behaviour Collective! It’s hard to believe that we only opened for contributions and mentors in December – so much has happened since then!

Since opening our microgrants for applications, we have approved 16 applications from animal behaviour students around the world, for a total of £2,565! We now have £400 in recurring monthly contributions, which is an incredible amount considering how new we are. Monthly contributions make these microgrants sustainable, and we would really appreciate it if you can share our cause with friends and colleagues who might like to support us. We also accept contributions from institutions and organisations, if you are in a position to recommend us to them! If you’re not already, click here to become a monthly contributor

Our mentorship organizing has been going wonderfully thanks to you all! So far we have 150 mentors signed up and we’re now working on matching you with mentees. We’ve had just over 80 mentees sign up so far, and have matched over 50 of them already! We hope that those of you who have been matched are having a positive mentorship experience, and we’ll be checking in with you for feedback shortly. We’ve had very uplifting messages from our mentees, with one of them even joining the organising side of our collective! If you’re not already, click here to become a mentor.

We also launched a RedBubble shop, to raise some more money for our microgrants. One of our organisers had a small pot of money available to pay for artwork, and so we were able to commission our logo as well as a few pieces to use for merch. Click here to visit our online shop.

Thanks again for being part of the Animal Behaviour Collective! If you can, we would really appreciate you sharing the attached flyer with students who may need our support and colleagues who may be able to support us. We are also starting to give departmental and conference presentations, so please let us know if we can come chat to you about A.B.C.!

Warmest wishes,
from all of us at the Animal Behaviour Collective 

James Bukie

Posted on April 1, 2021

What a loud able initiative, I most say a big thank you to you all for this brailiant idea and opportunity to help many animal behavior students including myself with a micro grant and the previllage to meet with a mentor. Thank you!