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With our upcoming campaign, we plan to announce the launch of two capital projects: and Argoya. These projects are focused on the creation of ecosystems for an exciting and innovative sustainable tourism offer starting at some of the most attractive Croatian destinations. Through the campaign we will not only present the details of these projects, but the whole concept and approach used in their development, in order to optimize their universal value proposition and positive impact on people, businesses, communities and nature.

The overall business model is based on this universal value proposition as well as on its business model, with the basic idea that it may be relevant and applicable to many other activities and sectors, not just tourism. That is the reason why we have decided to launch this campaign – to share the ideas, knowledge, concepts and insights that we got through the model development process.

The main idea behind the story is the specific way of ecosystem creation that may be relevant for any area of social and business ​​activity. The key global innovation concept is integrated in the project and Argoya application.

The essence of our innovation represents a new way of development projects and initiatives support and financing. This is especially relevant for those projects who have difficulties in obtaining these through conventional support systems. For some impact-oriented local community driven sustainable development investments, classical financial institutions hesitate to offer their financial instruments, and we are here to help them. Within our model, funding is being made through a specific form of crowdfunding, based on a carefully designed network of independent small crypto tokens that support each other on the platform synergistically.

In short, we managed to find the way how to create a local currency (based on blockchain technology) that can assure a reliable and transparent self-financing model, initiated by the people and for the people. We focus on all the activities people wish to run and which have a clear business sense, but (as we have already mentioned) for various reasons are not recognized within the existing investment and financial world.

Our main Argo.Credit project and the accompanying Argoya application will enable us to test the model inside the tourism industry, as the most propulsive activity in The Republic of Croatia. Within the model, a series of sub-projects (micro-models) will be launched at a set of highly attractive travel destinations. Each sub-project gets its own local private token issued, initiated and managed by an independent local entity of the holder (an association or a social enterprise).

The main feature of each micro-model implementation is that all tokens issued are collateralized. This means, for each token, a concrete, tangible service or value is offered, as a guarantee of token value. Several token editions are planned within each micro-model, one following another. Emission of each following edition is conditioned by fulfilling the collateral for the previous one.

Argology, thus, represents the innovative background logic of the model.

The knowledge core (including the background model) involves application of new organizational and working methods, with a strong focus on measured implementation and systemic thinking in organizations and communities intended to ensure true sustainability – economic, social and environmental at the same time.

We covered different levels of knowledge, from those simple to more complex, creating an adaptive learning system that responds to the challenges of today and the modern, turbulent and unpredictable circumstances of social activity and business.

Shortly, the main topics (themes) in Argology are:

  • Personal Development (Argo Manual)

  • Project Development (Project Cycle Management)

  • Fundamental Development of Simple Agile Organizations (Lean Startup)

  • Strategic Development of Complex Ecosystems (Platform Shaping)

  • Blockchain as a background tool for platform upgrading

  • Incorporating rewarding and gamification logic (Growth Hacking)

    In 2019, this exclusive education program starts to take place in our arranged Amosfera Coworking space in Split, where:

  • We establish the Genesis destination of Argo Project - the central place from which key knowledge and model design for all other destinations will be transferred -

    • The first destinations for the micro-model are – Archipelago of Murter Kornati (160 islands and islets 90% of them protected national park or nature protected area), 6 national and nature parks in Dalmatia and the Dubrovnik City, some of the most beautiful destinations in the world but many of them endangered by unsustainable mass tourism developments
    • CORE team – Eupolis grupa (impact-oriented private enterprise)
    • Cluster for Eco-Social Innovation and Development CEDRA (network of triple bottom line driven associations, small businesses, individuals and a social enterprise managing co-working space AmoSfera in Split)
    • Partner - FERI Maribor as developers and technical partners
  • Collaborative AYEN (Active Youth Entrepreneurship Network) project in implementation with a group of esteemed organizations from 6 EU countries (Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Norway and Croatia) with an incubation reward-based platform for launching youth entrepreneurial ventures.

    We invite you to join us and become an Argologist!

Why? Because, Argology represents the science, art and set of entrepreneurial skills for creating a better future for us, our organizations, communities and – the planet. It embodies a completely different perspective of the progress and development possibilities for "small people" in today’s world when their future is extremely unsafe and uncertain. However, in these times of unpredictability, we see an immense opportunity for all who are ready to be proactive and take responsibility for themselves and their living and working contexts. We see a different, bright perspective in which open-mindedness, experimentation and playfulness are key features, necessary for everyone to succeed.

The basic requirement for success becomes the skill of providing value (instead of taking) and establishing trust (instead of control). So, accordingly, our key know-how has been opened and we continue to develop it with everyone who wants to participate in building a different, better future for ourselves and our co-players.

Do you wish to master the key knowledge that will guarantee the safety of your activities and future business?

If yes, then welcome aboard!

Inspiring educational Argology program is maybe not the only but maybe one of the best answers to this question. By supporting us and this project financially through this campaign, you help us making this real and making it even better, getting at the same time the right to actively participate in inspiring learning activities and acquiring the resources to create a better future, together with us.

UPDATE: Follow this hyperlink to see the video we made for our fellow Croatians about Argology and the world of Argo - look out for an English version in the near future :)

The above linked video is hosted on the same website as our project management guide which is also in Croatian right now.

This initiative is part of the Argo project which is co-financed by the European Union as part of the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Programme funded from the European Regional Development Fund.

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