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Arturo programming Language

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Make a simple, modern and portable Rebol-inspired interpreted programming language for efficient scripting


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Arturo programming Language is all of us

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The Language

Arturo is a modern programming language, vaguely inspired by various other ones - including but not limited to Rebol, Forth, Ruby, Haskell, D, SmallTalk, Tcl and Lisp.

The language has been designed following some very simple and straightforward principles:

  • Code is just a list of words and symbols
  • Words and symbols within a block are interpreted - when needed - according to the context
  • No reserved words or keywords - look for them as hard as you can; there are absolutely none
print "Hello world!"

loop 1..10 'x [
    if? even? x -> print [x "is even"]
    else        -> print [x "is odd"]
The Compiler

The main compiler is implemented in Nim/C as a Bytecode interpreter / Stack-based VM and should run in most architectures.

The main goals are: performance, energy-efficiency and portability. (With that exact order)


For more information about the language and for access to the official Reference, please visit the Arturo Programming Language Reference wiki.


Please read for more details and the process for submitting pull requests.

In a few words: all contributions (even if they are just ideas or suggestions) are 100% welcome!

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