Thanks to your financial contributions, we are operating on an estimated annual budget of$11,751

There are insufficient funds in the Collective to cover the fees for this expense. Please click ‘edit’ and revise the amount to $1,673 to cover approximately $68 in fees. Thank you!

Sorry! I had that wrong. Fees are only $3, so please revise to $1,738.

5/23 Sarah White

Revised! Thank you, Alanna!

5/25 Sarah White

Hi Alanna, I just wanted to check in and see if there was anything else you needed me to do in order for you to process the expense? Thank you!

This has been paid now. It sometimes takes a little time for Paypal to process, but you should see it come through soon.

6/2 Dan Allen

Thank you Alanna! Payment received. Now on to the next wave of development for the project!