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Auburn Mutual Aid

Mutual aid support for undocumented, QTBIPOC, low income, & people affected by COVID-19 in Auburn/Duwamish land.



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Many community members are unbanked because they are undocumented; this project assists these mem...

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Family's Groceries

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Family's Groceries

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Family's Groceries

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Family's Groceries

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Transparent and open finances.

March milk and eggs

Program Food & Groceries
from Gordon to Auburn Mutual Aid
-$450.79 USD
Reimbursement #194420

February milk and eggs

Program Food & Groceries
from Gordon to Auburn Mutual Aid
-$376.80 USD
Reimbursement #194419
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Auburn Mutual Aid aims to blur the lines between those receiving and giving support. Our twice a month Canasta Basica (culturally-relevant food pantry) is now led by a group of 10+ latina women (most of whom are undocumented) who originally came to receive groceries, and now are leaders in this community (and continue to receive food). These women have shared resources to advocate for their own children in their schools, share material goods for raising a family, and one has been hired as a family liaison in the school district. Additionally, they share their gifts each month taking turns to make and deliver a meal to a randomly selected ko-fi donor. This allows donors to receive a meal for their own family as they commit to supporting their neighbors financially. Finally, we provide immediate survival support to undocumented families who have been living in garages or sheds and are trying to get an apartment of their own.

We fundraise at least $3,000 a month to sustain our food pantry of culturally-relevant groceries for 60+ families. Ideally, we would raise $4,000+ each month to help our neighbors with emergency bill expenses too.

Currently instagram followers (over 1,200) fund our asks via Venmo, Paypal, Ko-fi, and Cashapp. During the past 2.5 years, we have raised over $50,000 through these channels. We hope with a fiscal sponsorship to get donations from organizations and matching donations from large employers.

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