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Black Banjo Reclamation Project

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Community work with the banjo as an African Diasporic tradition in California’s Bay Area

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Community Banjo Reclamation Through Musical Arts, Craft & Education of the African Diaspora

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A community banjo build for Black families, individuals and organizations to participate in hand-...

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Black Banjo Reclamation Project is hosting the following events.

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06:00 PM-07:00 PM UTC
Join us for a community event celebrating the work of the Black Banjo Reclamation Project with fo...Read more

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11:00 PM UTC
“Empty Bowl” Fundraiser, featuring food, ceramics, live poetry, a tea lounge, and an art raffle....Read more

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11:00 PM UTC

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News from Black Banjo Reclamation Project

Updates on our activities and progress.

Ending our Fiscal Sponsorship with Open Collective

Dear Supporters, I am coming to you in the best of spirits and with a reassuring notion attached to news of change. We found out this week that we will no longer be able to use Open Collective as our non-profit fiscal sponsor due to the Ope...
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Published on March 4, 2024 by hannah mayree

End of Year Update 2023!

As another year comes to an end, Black Banjo Reclamation Project celebrates 5 years of this growing organization! As we enter another year we are in both reflection of 2023 accomplishments as well as excitement for the year ahead. Currently...
Read more
Published on December 5, 2023 by hannah mayree

Nashville Banjo Build Update!

Greetings Everyone! We are hoping this message find you all in a good place. We have good news to share today about the our most recent project! The weekend of October 14th -16th was a historic moment for the Black Banjo Reclamation Project...
Read more
Published on October 27, 2023 by hannah mayree


The Black Banjo Reclamation Project is an ongoing community and land-based development that focuses on the cultural folk traditions of the Banjo in relation to Black and African Diasporic communities.

Comprised of educators, musicians, historians, crafters, builders, healers and land stewards, our work is deeply rooted in the connection, understanding and learning that comes from community engagement in Black, Indigenous, POC and White-European communities. For three years, we have been facilitating musical training, workshops, learning spaces, as well as the distribution, repair and building of banjos. The work of the BBRP is to support Black people and communities in accessing, experiencing and stewarding musical traditions that come from their own ancestral and cultural lineages.

Reclaiming Banjo and Black Earth-Based Connection through Self-Determination and Reparations

The Black Banjo Reclamation Project is a creative eco-system that curates musical, cultural and land-based opportunities for Black, Afro-Diasporic communities around the world to work with the banjo as a tool for reclaiming ancestral wisdom & creating Afro-futures. By teaching and learning banjo playing techniques with African and Black centered perspectives, our unique facilitation of programs which includes banjo building & repair, highlights the practice of land stewardship and the roots of Black liberation found in our folkways. Through economic solidarity and self-determination, we are paving pathways for restorative narratives to use music as a tool for transforming our world.

Our 2022 program schedule included ::

- Black Banjo Weekend Campout and Build, Sacramento CA April 
- Black Banjo Fellowship in Port Townsend WA June
- Chicago Youth Banjo Build July-August

 BBRP is a multi-cultural collaboration that promotes conversation and action in healing the ancestral, historical, cultural and racially dividing wounds in this country and the world. 

Stay tuned in for 2023 programs!

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