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The hands and the voice of the community. Helping community projects to grow with volunteer and awareness, developing projects, creating new projects that the community needs. We want to create a community resilient and more cooperative.


Who we are?

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic a group of volunteers in Barnet created the UK Mutual Aid website ( which connects residents with UK Mutual Aid volunteers through postcode matching, it has now become a nationally-used resource. We then used this website ourselves to unite volunteers within Barnet and help other organisations to set-up the Food Hub at Claremont Free Church. We distribute food parcels to around 86 people every week, 37 of these people are children, and now we need your help to continue.
Currently, we are delivering small projects in the community and we would like to promote local volunteer projects in the area of Barnet.

Creating strong communities

As a result of the pandemic was clear that we need to grow as a community to get stronger communities, being more resilient.

Mutual Aid groups in Barnet help to build these bridges and to continue keeping the community spirit that the World needs.

What we do now?

We set up a surplus group in Hendon that helps the community to don't waste the food from supermarkets.
We have a cooking project providing food to vulnerable people in the same area.
We also help locally Parkfield school that is providing food to 150 families in Hendon.
We want to keep inform our neirboughs of volunteer options available in the area, where they can ask for help and other news from the area through a newsletter.

How you can get involved in the project?

You can join our Facebook group and create your own project or join the projects that are available.
You can help us with social media, fundraising, marketing, project management, community organiser. If you want to help this way you can contact [email protected]
Your donation will be important. With donations, we could pay expenses to the volunteers that spend their pocket money for petrol, buy food, food containers, marketing materials to promote our work and if we get enough funding why not have a physical space where everyone will be free to come and enjoy.


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News from Mutual Aid Barnet

Updates on our activities and progress.

Finding new directions. Join our next community event to discuss about it

We are going in a new direction, moving away slowly from COVID and approach community work. We going to host a casual gathering on 15th August at 11:00 in Hendon Park (in front of 15 queens road) We want to know what people want from the co...
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Published on August 9, 2021 by Paloma Ibarra

Surplus food hub in Hendon and other community projeccts

Claremont food hub closed on September 2020 but we are still doing great things for the community.We are continuing to help vulnerable people with shopping, prescriptions, particularly people with disabilities that can't move.We created a s...
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Published on June 21, 2021 by Paloma Ibarra

Update - The Food Hub continues to grow

Hi,We'd like to start by saying thank you to all those people who have donated so far, the Food Hub is supporting around 86 people every week which is making a huge impact in Barnet.The UK Mutual Aid team who help deliver the parcels from t...
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Published on June 21, 2020 by Tom


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