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A collective coworking/hackerspace in Limassol

A collective coworking/hackerspace at the heart of Limassol!

Weekly calls every Thursday - 7pm Cyprus time on

This is an open call to establish a collective physical space, where we can collaborate and experiment with innovative models of ownership, governance, and social impact! 

We are in negotiations with an ideal space in Limassol historical center (which even has a small backyard for evening BBQs🔥). Stay tuned for the opening party🎉!

What is this all about?

  • This is an initiative to establish a collective coworking/hackerspace in Limassol to be the local experimentation base for creative collaborations.
  • We strive for the collective to be an inspiration for its members and to have a positive impact on the society.
  • We commit to think and act on the principles of Being excellent to each other, Do-ocracy, and Transparency.
  • This is a continuation to previous hackerspace initiatives, namely #hack66 in Nicosia, Limassol Hackerspace, and LambaSpace in Thessaloniki.
  • This initiative is also an experimentation with collective decision-making and ownership models powered by blockchain DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).
  • The founding members are not making any profit, they will purchase a membership at the standard rate, and have an equal decision-making power like all other members of the DAO.

Why should I join the coworking/hackerspace?

  • You will be part of the local collectively-operated tech hub, meet techie/arty/crafty people, and discover new communities and projects.
  • You can claim a quiet place to do your own work, but also start/join collective initiatives such as hosting/attending events, developing Open Source/Hardware projects, launching startups...
  • You can ask questions and find help for something you want to build, showcase your projects, and invite collaborators.
  • ... did we mention there will be a BBQ🙃?

How will the collective take decisions and manage finances?

  • Decisions will be made by all participating members on a 1-member-1-vote basis via the, built on Harmony NFT membership tokens, Aragon, and the zero-transaction-fee Snapshot voting platform.
  • We are using OpenCollective for managing our funds with transparency, where you can find all donations and receipts for expenditures. We also plan to setup a legal entity and open a collective bank account.

Bootstrapping budget 

  • We estimate that we need about 12 memberships, valued initially at 100€/month, to ensure we can sustain the space for the first year. These memberships are issued annually to make financial management easier.
  • Once we reach the bootstrapping budget, any excess funds will be managed by the collective decision-making body: the DAO. One of the proposals is to distribute them evenly back to the members, eventually reducing the membership fee to around 50€/month.
  • You can pledge your annual membership via the Financial Contributions section below. Please note that during checkout the platform pre-selects an additional 15% donation for OpenCollective; feel free to adjust according to your budget. If possible, prefer bank transfers over card payments in order to avoid the 17€ processing fees.

Sustainability model

Our goal for the space is to eventually be sustainable and grow without requiring a membership fee. A few ideas to achieve that is to go after corporate sponsorships, public funding, and consultancy projects as a collective. Compatible concepts are those of worker cooperatives or steward-ownership.

Do you accept corporate sponsorships?

Absolutely! Support and gain visibility within the tech community in Cyprus. There are 4 tiers of sponsorship (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Epic) which correspond to different perks for your brand. You may also provide an in-kind sponsorship, such as the Internet connection or other equipment -- please get in contact with [email protected] .

Budget breakdown

One-time setup cost: 4,000
  • 400€ space renovation costs
  • 1,800€ workspace equipment (~12 people, 150€ per dedicated desk)
  • 500€ space equipment (coffee machine, cleaning prods, toiletries, decoration...)
  • 100€ blockchain fees and IT infrastructure operational costs
  • 1,000€ deposits for rent, utilities

Annual rent/utilities budget: 12,000
  • 700€ monthly rent
  • 250€ monthly utilities

All funds will be managed transparently by the Treasury in OpenCollective.
Excess savings will be managed by the governance platform.

What if this initiative cannot reach the bootstrapping budget?

If we cannot reach the bootstrapping budget, the DAO members will decide on how to proceed: rent a smaller space, seek external funding, contribute more funds, take on consultancy projects and allocate part of the income to the space, abort and reimburse...? 

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