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Brisbane Autism Spectrum Meetup

Providing a friendly environment for people on the Autism Spectrum.

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This is a group run by and for adults and older teens on the Autism Spectrum, or those that suspect that they might be. We aim to provide a casual, welcoming, safe, and inclusive space for members of our community to come together to share and learn about Autism and living life as an Autistic person, and to be part of an autistic community. We value autistic community, culture, and identity.

We hold online meetings the 1st Saturday afternoon of each month, and in-person meetings on the 3rd Saturday afternoon of each month. Meetings will generally include a discussion topic or guest speaker, followed by a time for peer support and general discussion.

From time to time we also run social events - something that we are trying to do more of.

We pride ourselves on providing this group and the meetups at no cost to members; however, we do have costs - if you or your business could support us by sponsoring or by making a small donation, it would be greatly appreciated.

About our budget and expenses:

The purpose of this Open Collective page is to make our budget fully transparent, so that members who choose to contribute can see exactly where their money is going.

Here is a breakdown of our recurring costs in running the group:
  • group organiser subscription: Allows us to organise events (including our monthly in-person and online meetings) through and the Meetup app.
  • Google Workspace subscription: Allows us to run our online meetings through Google Meet (formerly known as Google Hangouts) without the restrictions on meeting length that come with the free subscription.
  • Google Ads: Allows us to promote the group to people who may be interested in attending events and meetups but who might not otherwise discover us.
  • Domain Name ( Gives us a web address and email addresses associated with the group's name, which provides a more "official" appearance, particularly when dealing with outside agencies who may be able to help us.
You can see the details of each expense, and of each contribution that members have made, in the "Budget" section below.

How can I contribute?

As you can see, our costs are fairly small, and we have a good number of members attending each meetup. If each member contributes just a few dollars -- the price of a cup of coffee -- for each meetup that they attend, we can easily cover our costs.

However, we know that some people are not in a position where they can spare even a small amount. If that's you, don't worry! We are all here to support each other: this may mean some people contribute more financially than others, dependent on their means. All we ask is that you consider contributing if you're in a position to do so.

Option 1: Contributing via Open Collective:

The best way to contribute is here on Open Collective. Under "Contribute" below, you can make a one-time or recurring donation of whatever amount you choose. Payment can be made either through bank transfer or debit/credit card.

NOTE: When donating through Open Collective, you will see a message "Tips from contributors like you allow us to keep Open Collective free for Collectives. Thanks for any support!" and a drop-down menu allowing you to select a "tip" amount to Open Collective (the organisation that runs this platform) on top of your donation to us. This additional amount goes to Open Collective, not to us. It is entirely optional (i.e. you can choose to give Open Collective any amount, or none at all), but it is set to 15% by default (and we cannot change this default), so if you want to opt out of it then you have to remember to choose the "No thank you" option in the drop-down menu.

If you choose the debit/credit card option, there is a payment processing fee that gets deducted from your donation before we receive it, so please consider the bank transfer option if you can.

Note that the bank account used for bank transfer is in the name of one of the members of our admin team. This is because we are not currently an Incorporated Association and therefore cannot open a bank account in the name of the group. However, this bank account is set aside specifically for receiving these donations, and you can be assured that the money will only be used for the purposes of the group.

Regardless of how you choose to donate, your donation will be shown here on Open Collective. This is a way of giving recognition to you for your support, and also of providing transparency to all our members into how the money is used. However, if you do not wish to make your name public when donating, you may choose to donate anonymously.

Option 2: Contributing via Ko-Fi:

We also have an account on Ko-Fi, which you may choose to use instead of Open Collective. In the interest of transparency, donations received via Ko-Fi will appear here on Open Collective as well.

Ko-Fi charges additional fees, so we prefer that you donate directly via Open Collective instead if possible.


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